Birthday post…(it’s late because of my mom)

So the day before Thanksgiving was Miss Lilly’s birthday! Yes I know I am extremely late in posting this and have been told about it!

Birthday girl 🎉

She wants everyone to know that she had a good birthday despite having to share treats with her little brother Oliver. She got a new sleepy blanket , treats and her own double-double.

Do I have to share these?

She has also graciously decided to forgive me for not writing this post sooner. Although more treats were needed to persuade her to do so.


9 thoughts on “Birthday post…(it’s late because of my mom)

  1. Wait a minute…a “double-double?” I didn’t think In-n-Out Burger had a location near Miss Lilly! What’s going on here? Or did you refer to a generic two-patty hamburger with double cheese in which case we In-n-Out Burger purists are horrified, absolutely horrified, by the impertinence. In any event Happiest of Doggy Birthdays to Miss Lilly and I would be pleased to treat her with a legitimate Double Double if ever she is near. Or I could send it to her but…no…it would lose its freshly-made flavor.

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