Beautiful day to be outside..

So we decided to go fishing Saturday and enjoy the nice weather. Of course mom couldn’t resist taking some pictures of me!

I don’t blame her I am very photogenic 😉


Enjoying the outdoors..

Just a basset enjoying some quality outdoor time in the sunshine…I have my eye on a pile of deer poop to roll in if mom doesn’t get it first 😉

Note from Mom : ( I did not get to the deer poo pile first, it’s a nice day for a bath)

Sun spots..

Couldn’t find Miss Lilly after breakfast….should have known she would find the first sunny spot in days!!

Pretty sure she is gonna stay there through lunch and her first afternoon nap…

Possibly until dinner time if the sun holds out!!

2019 here we come…

These are a few photos that were our favorites of 2018…this year mom promises some better ones since she finally upgraded to the new IPhone!!

We hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year and start it off right with some extra naps and snacks!! ♥️♥️🎊