Birthday post…(it’s late because of my mom)

So the day before Thanksgiving was Miss Lilly’s birthday! Yes I know I am extremely late in posting this and have been told about it!

Birthday girl 🎉

She wants everyone to know that she had a good birthday despite having to share treats with her little brother Oliver. She got a new sleepy blanket , treats and her own double-double.

Do I have to share these?

She has also graciously decided to forgive me for not writing this post sooner. Although more treats were needed to persuade her to do so.


Birthday girl 🎂

Happy 9th birthday to our sweet girl Miss Lilly! We have spent the morning pampering her and opening presents 🎁

New toys and some yummy treats and later we will take her out for her favorite burger 🍔

For now she is busy resting in her sunny spot….we love our girl and can’t wait for the next 9 years!!

Miss Lilly’s Birthday

So today is Lilly’s birthday, she is 6. Been kind of a rough month losing her big sis and all but she has been a real trooper, she has even volunteered to take less naps to pull some extra guard duty around the house! So besides all the extra cuddles & kisses she has been getting since we lost Molly she is getting even more today!! Plus she got a new Kong wubba that looks like a bunny!(two of her favorites combined in one!) Later we will celebreate with a birthday dinner of her choosing ( within reason of course). Happy birthday we love you bunches!!

Don’t even think about trying to touch my toy!!