Just a little update!

Sorry we have been missing this summer but we were very busy! Mr. Oliver is growing like crazy and already outweighs his sister!

Miss Lilly is still not overly excited about having a little brother but she is starting to warm up to him a little bit.

For anyone wondering Miss Lilly is still in charge around here and ordered a new sleepy chair since she has to put up with a little brother all the time.

She still has plenty of attitude also! Oliver is NOT allowed anywhere near her chair!!

But like I said Oliver is trying very hard to win her over . He finally got her to let him walk beside her recently. He was sooooo happy!

So that’s it for now, hope everyone is having a great summer! 🐾❤️


7 thoughts on “Just a little update!

      1. Thank you! I’m sure I can’t afford it but I have to check it out! Your babies are too adorable, I’m sorry I didn’t mention that, I was just blown away by the chair!

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  1. Oliver has grown into such a handsome boy and he’s sure to win Miss Lilly over eventually! The chair looks beautiful and comfy too. Wishing you a blessed week and please give Miss Lilly and Oliver a gentle pat from us all 🐾❤🐾 xxx

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