A chilly Christmas 🎄

Santa Paws was able to brave the extreme cold and safely made it to our house!!

We had lots of fun playing with our new toys and eating lots of treats!! We were only allowed out for very short potty breaks and we had to bundle up!

We were concerned that with the extreme cold and wind Santa might not make it but Mom said he would. For once she was right! After lots of playing eating and napping mom had to embarrass us with some pictures. She said we were the cutest presents ever.

We agree with her about that one! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and keep staying warm!! 🎄❤️


Just a little update!

Sorry we have been missing this summer but we were very busy! Mr. Oliver is growing like crazy and already outweighs his sister!

Miss Lilly is still not overly excited about having a little brother but she is starting to warm up to him a little bit.

For anyone wondering Miss Lilly is still in charge around here and ordered a new sleepy chair since she has to put up with a little brother all the time.

She still has plenty of attitude also! Oliver is NOT allowed anywhere near her chair!!

But like I said Oliver is trying very hard to win her over . He finally got her to let him walk beside her recently. He was sooooo happy!

So that’s it for now, hope everyone is having a great summer! 🐾❤️

Valentine’s Day ❤️

I look so innocent and sweet mom…how can you stay mad at me for pooping on the floor?

Valentine’s Day is here again, so of course we are forced to take these silly photos because mom likes it and thinks we look adorable. Of course we are adorable, how do you think we get away with so much?

Seriously mom? Every holiday…and no you are not getting your blanket back.

Hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day filled with love and extra treats! ❤️

Winter basset print

The elusive winter Basset paw print

So in the last week we have acquired at least two feet of snow that we didn’t have before. I was able to capture a print from the elusive winter basset who normally hibernates during this type of weather. Hopefully I can get a glimpse of it when it emerges again! Stay warm everyone!

New guy in town..

Oliver Lee

So, a few weeks ago this new little guy showed up at my house! I was not very impressed with the decision to bring him here but I was overruled. ( followed by comments like you’ll get used to him)

I’m not moving…

The little runt has taken up position directly in front of the food service area and refuses to move until fed. This also displeases me since this is actually my food service area! ( his is in the dining room!) However it has worked to my advantage occasionally by scoring us extra treats, mom is a sucker for two sad faces pups.

I’m just gonna nap here..

Whatever the case may be , I am told he is remaining permanently and I should try to be a good big sister. I have recently allowed him to play with me for a few brief moments, but I remain firm that he will not join me in my sleepy chair…that is off limits…no negotiation.

He’s not touching my chair.

Dog days of summer..

It’s too hot to move mom..

So this is how I have been spending most of my summer in between torrential rainstorms with a few hailstorms mixed in. When it’s not raining it’s just too hot for a pup to get motivated.

My lounger for my back yard napping 😴

I do however venture occasionally from my front porch lounger to my back porch lounger just to mix things up a little. Hope everyone is having a good summer and staying safe out there!