Mom’s favorites are here!🌺

So mom’s favorite lillies have finally started to bloom..she is very excited as she transplanted them from grandpa’s house two years ago and was worried they would not make it!! 

She tried to get a picture of me with them but I was too busy working on my tan to be bothered with posing!! 

Don’t worry mom still thinks I’m cute!! #momiswrappedaroundmypaw

Beautiful flowers 🌺 

So it’s that time of year again when mom makes me pose by the lillies…she says they aren’t nearly as pretty as me, which I tend to agree with!!! Here are a few of mom’s favorites from this year without me since the photo session was cutting into my nap time 😴 

Basset artwork!!🎈

So this amazing picture arrived in the mail for me yesterday!! Apparently mom found a wonderful artist on instagram that does cards, photos like these, commissioned portraits and more!! 

While this print isn’t of me I think there is a striking resemblance!! Of course all basset hounds are extremely photogenic and great as models!! 😉

I kept a close eye on it all night until I find just the right spot for it!! If you love this print as much as we do please visit her sight or look them up on instagram or Facebook dottydogart!