Winter basset print

The elusive winter Basset paw print

So in the last week we have acquired at least two feet of snow that we didn’t have before. I was able to capture a print from the elusive winter basset who normally hibernates during this type of weather. Hopefully I can get a glimpse of it when it emerges again! Stay warm everyone!


5 thoughts on “Winter basset print

  1. I heard that the Winter Bassett is sometimes called the Wendigo so I wouldn’t be in a rush to see it too soon. Besides, they’re too low slung for two feet of powder. On the other hand we are all very proud of you for actually posting a winter shot within the winter of the very same year. 😈

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    1. All true my friend however these particular winter bassets enlisted some sort of help tunneling through the snow. They had intricate pathways all through the yard and also left a few “ deposits” which I opted not to photograph 🤣💩the help is working on posting a little more often but I’m not holding my breath 😂😂


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