Raccoon or Pumpkin?

Mom caught me checking out hubro’s pumpkin 🎃 it didn’t smell like a raccoon at all but I did think about giving it a little taste just to be sure. Mom advised against it…she ruins all my fun!


Rainy days..

This is how I deal with this rainy fall weather…bacon helps too. The only problem is that mom feels the need to take pictures and wake me up for cuddles…claims she can’t resist me. 🙄

Adventure day

So we went on a little outdoor adventure a couple weeks ago… it involved hiking, rock climbing and waterfalls. Even though I’m very athletic I was still pretty pooped afterwards..luckily we stopped at my favorite pizza place ( it’s my favorite cause they have picnic tables outside and I’m allowed to sit at them for dinner) I got a nice drink and some pizza bones, all in all a good day!

Roast Basset

It’s been so hot here lately I can hardly keep up with my duties…patrolling, barking, fertilizing….you get the point.

Mom caught me baking in the sun the other day…I was too exhausted to move…I thought I wasn’t going to make it.

Luckily she was able to revive me with some ice cream…it was a close call.

Note from mom: at no time was Miss Lilly in any danger of overheating…she can sometimes be a tad over dramatic.