So this happened today…

The people pup decided to be a superhero this morning…unfortunately he decided I needed to be one too….


We got this…

Don’t worry mom…little bro and I have today’s security detail covered…. I just have a few more things to teach him about barking alerts…#hebarksweird

New friend…

So apparently mom saw this at the local garden center and decided to bring it home with her…she said it would stand guard with me out front but I’m not sure it knows how.

I kept telling him he has to look and sniff in all directions but he just sat there staring off into the trees. Mom may have have bought a dud…#notsureaboutthisone

Sunny day spree..

Miss Lilly has been out enjoying the nice sunny weather the last couple days…which means moving from sunny spot to sunny spot to relax.

She did manage to hop up on her favorite garden bench to survey her kingdom in between naps. She found everything to be in order except for a few leaves!!