Dog days of summer..

It’s too hot to move mom..

So this is how I have been spending most of my summer in between torrential rainstorms with a few hailstorms mixed in. When it’s not raining it’s just too hot for a pup to get motivated.

My lounger for my back yard napping 😴

I do however venture occasionally from my front porch lounger to my back porch lounger just to mix things up a little. Hope everyone is having a good summer and staying safe out there!


5 thoughts on “Dog days of summer..

  1. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Slow down there a bit, Puplette. You’re going to get heatstroke with all those zoomies from one bed to another. That second photograph is the classic “I’ve had quite enough of your baloney, don’t bother me, go away” look.

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