Popping by..


Just thought we would pop by and say hello to our followers. Mom hasn’t been keeping up very good but she said she would try and do better! Plus…it’s almost our favorite time of the year…fall! Hope everyone is well and staying safe!


8 thoughts on “Popping by..

  1. ‘Bout time you showed up. Just kidding…I’m as bad as you. One would think crashing boredom would meet with crushing ennui and we’d be posting like mad but it seems the opposite has happened and, combined with such a cheerful political and social environment…forget it, I’m already tired. See you in a month or so. 😁

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  2. I am back to having two blogs again. The one on Blogger is still my main one. Lots of changes since April. I have a new WordPress blog, different format … you will catch some of the news there.

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    1. I have been trying my best to follow all your posts on blogger…especially with your new arrival! You have such a great group of dogs it’s always fun to see their adventures! But it is a little easier for me to keep up on WordPress!


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