People Pups

Nineteen months ago the girls got a little surprise when their new baby brother came home from the hospital to stay. Now Miss Lilly already knew that something was up months before because she had to give up “her” room for the baby.(by her room I mean our guest room that she claimed for herself!) We had to move the guest room (Lilly’s Room) across the hall to the smaller bedroom and she was not impressed. Luckily Miss Molly remained unconcerned since she hardly ever goes upstairs until we left one night and didn’t come home. She knew something was up when Grandpa came to collect them and they had to stay for a week and although dad visited mom was stuck in the hospital.

People Pup

Nope mom, not crying yet…all is good!

At any rate we all made it home and the girls were a little unsure about the new People Pup invading their house. He made funny noises, took up a lot of our time and he sometimes smelled funny. They soon adapted and took over as People Pup helpers. They let us know when he was crying, by giving us the “can’t you shut that thing up” looks, and alerted us to his dirty diapers by constantly sniffing his bum and looking at us like “People Pup stinks please change him immediately or teach him to go outside.” They also like to check on him while he is in his room just to make sure we haven’t got rid of him!

People Pup

Yep still here…

People Pup

He still smells OK mom…

The girls have done very well adjusting to their People Pup and he to them. He loves to follow them around, help feed and brush them and of course share his unwanted food with them!!



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  1. Awwwww… Babies and dogs are just so awesome! 🙂 I wish I could have a baby soon and witness the interaction for myself. Thanks for sharing!

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