Fall fun 🍂🍁

So I decided to take my hubro out to teach him how to play in a leaf pile correctly. He caught on pretty fast! 

However he refused to roll in a few of the leaves that I thought had a very nice aroma, mom was happy about that! 

All in all it was a fun time but this pup was totally expawsted afterwards…..mom managed to entice me inside with the promise of treats!! 

Mom’s side note:( we removed the “stinky” leaves from the area so that no rolling would occur by accident) 


Lilly Garden part II

So the girls and I have been hard at work taking care of all the flowers lately.We had a few good showers and lots of warm sunny days in between which makes them bloom like crazy! Here are a few pics of some of them.


Miss Lilly with more of her lillies!!


More lovely pink lillies!


This is a new lilly we planted for this year

For some reason we have a few lovely bunches of pansies that decided to grow in between our patio rocks! Not sure where they came from but we like them. 

  The girls even talked their little brother into helping out. We all enjoy all of our flowers and spending time together taking care of them. What are some of your favorite pastimes?

People Pups

Nineteen months ago the girls got a little surprise when their new baby brother came home from the hospital to stay. Now Miss Lilly already knew that something was up months before because she had to give up “her” room for the baby.(by her room I mean our guest room that she claimed for herself!) We had to move the guest room (Lilly’s Room) across the hall to the smaller bedroom and she was not impressed. Luckily Miss Molly remained unconcerned since she hardly ever goes upstairs until we left one night and didn’t come home. She knew something was up when Grandpa came to collect them and they had to stay for a week and although dad visited mom was stuck in the hospital.

People Pup

Nope mom, not crying yet…all is good!

At any rate we all made it home and the girls were a little unsure about the new People Pup invading their house. He made funny noises, took up a lot of our time and he sometimes smelled funny. They soon adapted and took over as People Pup helpers. They let us know when he was crying, by giving us the “can’t you shut that thing up” looks, and alerted us to his dirty diapers by constantly sniffing his bum and looking at us like “People Pup stinks please change him immediately or teach him to go outside.” They also like to check on him while he is in his room just to make sure we haven’t got rid of him!

People Pup

Yep still here…

People Pup

He still smells OK mom…

The girls have done very well adjusting to their People Pup and he to them. He loves to follow them around, help feed and brush them and of course share his unwanted food with them!!


Our Weekend Find

So we had some lovely weather this weekend and the entire family spent a lot of time playing & working outdoors. (this means mom & dad did a lot of work and baby boys and dogs played!) While we were having one of our outdoor adventures Miss Lilly spotted this strange creature over by some of our flower pots.

Our Weekend Finds

Our first look at our new friend…

Obviously the rest of the family had to come and take a closer look, this resulted in me telling dad to keep Riley away until we know what it is, both the girls running away everytime it flicked its wings and us trying to get some pictures before it flew away!!

Our Weekend Finds

My first close-up…still couldn’t tell if it was a butterfly or a moth..

I was able to get one more good picture in before all of the commotion scared our friend away…

Our Weekend Finds

Definitely larger than it appeared at first glance!!

The girls diligently tried to find it again by going around and searching all of the flowers around the house (some of them were due for a good trampling anyway!) but to no avail! Our winged friend was gone and we are left with the mystery of trying to find out whether it was a butterfly or a moth. What do you think it was? Any insights would be appreciated!!

Basset cat Agility for Mom

This Sunday was Mother’s day and of course the girls and my son all chipped in to get me some goodies. One was a new purse that of course had a picture of Snoopy on it and the other was a certificate for an hour massage (which will come in handy after the weekend!!) So for something fun, since it was nice out, I decided to take everyone to the dog park and try Miss Lilly’s catlike skills out on the new agility course they constructed. So we packed everyone up and headed out! Once there we wrangled everyone in to the play yard and got started.


Miss Lilly showing off on her first try!!

I was worried that even though Lilly thinks she is part cat she would be nervous about being so high off of the ground, nope she trotted right up the plank like she had done it all her life!! Once up there she decided it was a nice vantage point to survey the yard and for photo ops!!


Piece of cake mom…

Next I took her over to the stairs which were of course a breeze for her!! She plodded up and down them quite a few times, pausing for some passersby to marvel at her skills!! Next we headed for the tunnels which were not as easy. my husband had to coax her from the other end and I had to half crawl in the first time so she could see it was safe!!! But she soon got the hang of it and went through on her own. However after two trips through she was ready to go back to the others.


I better get some good treats for this…

Miss Molly did not try any of the agility course but did lounge in the shade by the drinking bowl/pool watching her sisfur and giving us the “not a chance” looks. My husband spent most of the time trying to keep our 18 month old son occupied so that I could get Miss Lilly pictures, so I may have to share part of my hour massage present with him. Anyhow after a fun filled afternoon proving that Miss Lilly is indeed part cat we packed up and headed home! Hope you all enjoyed the weather and had a great Mother’s Day too!

Laundry Day

So normally on the weekends we pick one morning to catch up on our household chores and cleaning. Now my eighteen month old son loves to help run the vacuum and mop the floors, Molly prefers to just stay out of everyone’s way along with my husband and Miss Lilly loves to help with the laundry.

laundry day

Don’t worry mom I’ll get this one…

She likes to help take the clothes out of the basket and “sort” them while I am gathering them up. Her favorites seem to be her baby brother’s clothes and for some reason my husband’s dirty, stinky socks!! She will literally sort through the entire basket just to grab these items.

Laundry Day

What? They don’t smell that bad & they taste great!!

She also enjoys helping me put the laundry in the washer and taking them out of the dryer. She sticks her head right in so she can properly supervise.

Landry Day

No mom this goes with the darks not the whites…

And of course she pitches right in to grab the warm clothes from the basket and re-fold any that she feels I didn’t do correctly!!

Laundry Day

A Basset’s work is never done!

Does your family all pitch in to help around the house? What are there favorite chores to do? And can someone please explain the love of Bassets & stinky socks!!