Lilly Jane

Lilly Jane

This is a little history about how Miss Lilly Jane came to be with our family. I have always loved Basset Hounds and apparently I hinted enough to my husband that he finally decided to get one! We got her right after Christmas about a year after we got Molly Sue. Miss Molly rode with us to pick her up and was not convinced we should keep her. Lilly cried until we stopped to pick up puppy food and my husband held her and then she went right to sleep! She has been a daddy’s girl ever since.

Lilly was much harder to train than Molly was, she has quite the stubborn streak mixed with just the right amount of attitude. After a few carpet chewing and potty breaking incidents she began to come around with the use of her crate. Molly hated being crated and still does but Lilly was ok with it. She doesn’t use it much anymore mostly because she has her “own room” (our guest room). Lilly is quite the proficient snuggler and can put almost anyone to sleep once she settles in for a good snug. She has no problem jumping in with whoever is staying with us either! (Yes you must love dogs to stay with us!!)

For some reason Lilly is completely unaware that she is not as big as her sister. She seems almost like a ferocious guard dog if you didn’t know any better, however if she feels scared she immediately looks for big sis and runs underneath her! Molly humors her and for the most part is pretty patient with her but we sometimes still get the ” I told you not to keep her look”.

Lilly is for the most part a typical, comical ,sweet Basset with a little extra energy! She enjoys destroying anything that squeaks, squirrel chasing, following her big sister around and being the center of attention at all times. She also enjoys being called a princess!




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