Molly Sue


Molly sue

I thought I would write a post about how each of our girls came to be a part of our family. Miss Molly was the first puppy my husband and I have raised together. I previously had two beagles that I raised, Mickey who passed due to cancer and Minnie who had extreme kidney issues. My husband did get to spend time with Minnie before she passed and we both agreed we would get another dog  afterwards we just weren’t sure how soon after.

As it turned out it was alsmost a year later, around our wedding date, that we came upon the cutest sort of little fluffball we had ever seen. We had both decided we wanted a larger dog and had looked at Newfoundlands, Berneese Mountain Dogs, even Saint Bernards but alas we fell in love with a Great Pyrenees! She was the last girl left from her litter and just happened to be all white. My husbands brother actually picked her up for us on his way to our wedding!

She came from a small farm in central Pennsylvania and was the size of a small bowling ball (covered in fluff) when we first met her. She was very independent from the start and was not into snuggling much to my dismay, I mean all that fluff and hardly any cuddles! We started basic training with her right away by hand feeding her occasionally, different games to teach commands and of course potty training. She was a very quick learner although she prefers being persuaded into doing things as opposed to just being told to do them. She also does not like being scolded and will sulk until you apologize to her. She enjoys barking at everything and nothing, keeping a close eye on the neighborhood,drooling,shedding and her pool.

She has recently developed a health issue ( I will give more details in a future post) that caused almost all of her beautiful white fluffy coat to fall out, but we now know what caused it and are working on different methods of getting her back to her healthy, fluffy self!


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