So my basset hound is addicted to this laser light toy for cats ( another reason to add to the list of why I think she is part cat!). It isn’t anything fancy just a little red laser light pointer which we have nicknamed “buggy”. She is so obsessed with it she can hear us clicking the switch on from anywhere in the house. As soon as she hears it she comes running out and gives you the “you have my favorite toy out, we must play now” look. She will literally chase this thing around for hours! 

where is that buggy?

Sometimes she gets a pattern going and runs in front of it and looks around for it barking her head off. She will do this over and over until her tongue almost reaches the floor! 

why did you stop the buggy mom?

We have to make her stop and put it up so she can’t see it anymore. She will then stare us down for the rest of the day demanding it be brought back out. The only thing that will distract her from it is a car ride or a steak, she prefers a car ride to get steak! If we can’t distract her we see this…

who me, I am not tired…bring buggy back!!

She will do this until my we finally go to bed. Needless to say we only bring buggy out occasionally for special occasions! Do your pets have any weird toys they just love? 


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