Nice list..😇

So I have decided to start helping around the house ( can’t hurt to do a little extra with Christmas so close!). I am a natural at doing laundry so I figured I start there…

I was going to use this to clean the clothes I had collected ( I mean it has to be good it has a basset right on it!) but mom said I should stick with pre-cleaning and she would handle the soap part. She did say she was going to put in a good word with the big guy though for being so helpful….I’m sure I’ll make the nice list again this year!! 🎅🏻


Laundry Day

So normally on the weekends we pick one morning to catch up on our household chores and cleaning. Now my eighteen month old son loves to help run the vacuum and mop the floors, Molly prefers to just stay out of everyone’s way along with my husband and Miss Lilly loves to help with the laundry.

laundry day

Don’t worry mom I’ll get this one…

She likes to help take the clothes out of the basket and “sort” them while I am gathering them up. Her favorites seem to be her baby brother’s clothes and for some reason my husband’s dirty, stinky socks!! She will literally sort through the entire basket just to grab these items.

Laundry Day

What? They don’t smell that bad & they taste great!!

She also enjoys helping me put the laundry in the washer and taking them out of the dryer. She sticks her head right in so she can properly supervise.

Landry Day

No mom this goes with the darks not the whites…

And of course she pitches right in to grab the warm clothes from the basket and re-fold any that she feels I didn’t do correctly!!

Laundry Day

A Basset’s work is never done!

Does your family all pitch in to help around the house? What are there favorite chores to do? And can someone please explain the love of Bassets & stinky socks!!