Staying warm…

It’s that time of year again where I need my staff to step it up a little…the temperature has dipped down and I need some extra preparations to stay warm while doing my business…

Luckily our pals at Howlin’ Hounds know how to keep a basset warm!! With custom snoods and coats for the hard to fit hound body….

Also the staff has to do a little outside prep work and shovel some paths and potty areas since I have low clearance…. well that’s it for now stay warm everyone!!


Basset cat

So recently I have become convinced that my little girl Basett hound is part cat. I have tried to figure out how this has occurred since we do not have a cat in our family so I have come up with several theories on the matter.

1) She must have been close to a cat when she was still with her litter mates and learned these skills there. Or maybe she had to climb over her bothers & sisters to see what was going on.

Lilly jane


2) She secretly has been watching neighborhood cats while out instead of doing her business, which also explains why she wants out right after she comes in. Also explains her uncanny camouflage and stalking abilities.

Lilly jane

3) She has been googling them because her sisfur dared her to, also explains why Petsmart, Petco and Basset Daily are bookmarked. We have also started receiving monthly Barkbox, coincidence, perhaps.

Lilly jane

4) Miss Lilly is just a typical goofy Basset hound who likes to give her mom heart attacks by taking daredevil leaps on and off things she isn’t supposed to. She also has problems seeing do to short legs.

Lilly jane

So does anyone else out there have a dog that  thinks they are a cat? If so do you constantly worry about falling and back problems? Do you wonder where they got their skills to? I think we need a support group!

Lilly jane