Selfie practice

I stole mom’s phone this morning to practice my selfies…she said I was a ham I told her I was pretty sure I was a basset hound…silly moms!! 

Does this angle make my beauty mole look big? 

I guess I will practice again some other time when mom isn’t hovering close by to break my concentration!! 


Selfie Practice

So this weekend we went from 70 degrees and sunny, to rain and 50 degrees and then to sleet,snow, hail and 32 degrees, not a good weekend for outdoor fun! So I decided the girls should get a little practice on taking selfies, and being that they don’t have thumbs I had to help them out a little bit…


Selfie practice

How’s this doesn’t make my nose look big does it?

selfie practice

OK, this is my selfie, can I go back to sleep now?

Miss Lilly got adventurous and took one in the car on the way to pick up dinner…

Selfie Practice

Dad you need better aim, I think you cut off part of my nose!!

So that was our exciting weekend, hope you had a good one!!