Just chillin 😎 

Just taking some time to smell the flowers today!! Plus I’m comfy and don’t want to go inside …#stubbornbasset


Mom’s favorites are here!🌺

So mom’s favorite lillies have finally started to bloom..she is very excited as she transplanted them from grandpa’s house two years ago and was worried they would not make it!! 

She tried to get a picture of me with them but I was too busy working on my tan to be bothered with posing!! 

Don’t worry mom still thinks I’m cute!! #momiswrappedaroundmypaw

Beautiful flowers 🌺 

So it’s that time of year again when mom makes me pose by the lillies…she says they aren’t nearly as pretty as me, which I tend to agree with!!! Here are a few of mom’s favorites from this year without me since the photo session was cutting into my nap time 😴 

Our newest lillies!

So I was very excited earlier this week when the lillies we planted by our tree last year finally bloomed!! The exciment was mostly due to the fact that I could not for the life of me remember what color they were supposed to be or how big they would get!!  

They turned out to be more lovely than I imagined! Of course Miss Lilly had to take the opportunity for a photo opp for her fans!! 


Lilly Garden part II

So the girls and I have been hard at work taking care of all the flowers lately.We had a few good showers and lots of warm sunny days in between which makes them bloom like crazy! Here are a few pics of some of them.


Miss Lilly with more of her lillies!!


More lovely pink lillies!


This is a new lilly we planted for this year

For some reason we have a few lovely bunches of pansies that decided to grow in between our patio rocks! Not sure where they came from but we like them. 

  The girls even talked their little brother into helping out. We all enjoy all of our flowers and spending time together taking care of them. What are some of your favorite pastimes?