Wordless Wednesday

Wordless wednesday


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Basset cat Agility for Mom

This Sunday was Mother’s day and of course the girls and my son all chipped in to get me some goodies. One was a new purse that of course had a picture of Snoopy on it and the other was a certificate for an hour massage (which will come in handy after the weekend!!) So for something fun, since it was nice out, I decided to take everyone to the dog park and try Miss Lilly’s catlike skills out on the new agility course they constructed. So we packed everyone up and headed out! Once there we wrangled everyone in to the play yard and got started.


Miss Lilly showing off on her first try!!

I was worried that even though Lilly thinks she is part cat she would be nervous about being so high off of the ground, nope she trotted right up the plank like she had done it all her life!! Once up there she decided it was a nice vantage point to survey the yard and for photo ops!!


Piece of cake mom…

Next I took her over to the stairs which were of course a breeze for her!! She plodded up and down them quite a few times, pausing for some passersby to marvel at her skills!! Next we headed for the tunnels which were not as easy. my husband had to coax her from the other end and I had to half crawl in the first time so she could see it was safe!!! But she soon got the hang of it and went through on her own. However after two trips through she was ready to go back to the others.


I better get some good treats for this…

Miss Molly did not try any of the agility course but did lounge in the shade by the drinking bowl/pool watching her sisfur and giving us the “not a chance” looks. My husband spent most of the time trying to keep our 18 month old son occupied so that I could get Miss Lilly pictures, so I may have to share part of my hour massage present with him. Anyhow after a fun filled afternoon proving that Miss Lilly is indeed part cat we packed up and headed home! Hope you all enjoyed the weather and had a great Mother’s Day too!

Basset cat

So recently I have become convinced that my little girl Basett hound is part cat. I have tried to figure out how this has occurred since we do not have a cat in our family so I have come up with several theories on the matter.

1) She must have been close to a cat when she was still with her litter mates and learned these skills there. Or maybe she had to climb over her bothers & sisters to see what was going on.

Lilly jane


2) She secretly has been watching neighborhood cats while out instead of doing her business, which also explains why she wants out right after she comes in. Also explains her uncanny camouflage and stalking abilities.

Lilly jane

3) She has been googling them because her sisfur dared her to, also explains why Petsmart, Petco and Basset Daily are bookmarked. We have also started receiving monthly Barkbox, coincidence, perhaps.

Lilly jane

4) Miss Lilly is just a typical goofy Basset hound who likes to give her mom heart attacks by taking daredevil leaps on and off things she isn’t supposed to. She also has problems seeing do to short legs.

Lilly jane

So does anyone else out there have a dog that  thinks they are a cat? If so do you constantly worry about falling and back problems? Do you wonder where they got their skills to? I think we need a support group!

Lilly jane