Fall fun 🍂🍁

So I decided to take my hubro out to teach him how to play in a leaf pile correctly. He caught on pretty fast! 

However he refused to roll in a few of the leaves that I thought had a very nice aroma, mom was happy about that! 

All in all it was a fun time but this pup was totally expawsted afterwards…..mom managed to entice me inside with the promise of treats!! 

Mom’s side note:( we removed the “stinky” leaves from the area so that no rolling would occur by accident) 


Our Weekend Find

So we had some lovely weather this weekend and the entire family spent a lot of time playing & working outdoors. (this means mom & dad did a lot of work and baby boys and dogs played!) While we were having one of our outdoor adventures Miss Lilly spotted this strange creature over by some of our flower pots.

Our Weekend Finds

Our first look at our new friend…

Obviously the rest of the family had to come and take a closer look, this resulted in me telling dad to keep Riley away until we know what it is, both the girls running away everytime it flicked its wings and us trying to get some pictures before it flew away!!

Our Weekend Finds

My first close-up…still couldn’t tell if it was a butterfly or a moth..

I was able to get one more good picture in before all of the commotion scared our friend away…

Our Weekend Finds

Definitely larger than it appeared at first glance!!

The girls diligently tried to find it again by going around and searching all of the flowers around the house (some of them were due for a good trampling anyway!) but to no avail! Our winged friend was gone and we are left with the mystery of trying to find out whether it was a butterfly or a moth. What do you think it was? Any insights would be appreciated!!

Basset Sleeping 101

So this weekend started out as another rainy, stormy one so the girls spent most of their time inside catching up on their sleep. Apparently they need at least 10 hours a night plus several daytime naps in order to stay happy & perky. Now Miss Molly is a straight floor sleeper, doesn’t like furniture or beds to lay on and prefers a nice draft to keep her cool, Miss Lilly is all about comfort and warmth, occasionally they will end up sleeping in sync.

Basset sleeping

Now this is a rare occurrence I’ve only captured on film a few times. I try not to disturb them when they are this in tune for fear of messing it up! Miss Lilly is my favorite sleeping subject though because she has so many different styles and positions but always manages to sleep through them all!!

Basset Sleeping

The ever popular half on- half off the bed..

Basset Sleeping

Next is the contortionist position, good for the back..

Basset Sleeping

Then we have the “Lilly ball” learned from our twitter friend Gracie  Beagle…

Basset Sleeping

Last we have the cocoon for maximum warmth and less disturbances..

So these are just a few of my favorite Basset hound sleeping positions. Do your pets have any strange sleeping habits or positions they like?