Miss Lilly’s Birthday

So today is Lilly’s birthday, she is 6. Been kind of a rough month losing her big sis and all but she has been a real trooper, she has even volunteered to take less naps to pull some extra guard duty around the house! So besides all the extra cuddles & kisses she has been getting since we lost Molly she is getting even more today!! Plus she got a new Kong wubba that looks like a bunny!(two of her favorites combined in one!) Later we will celebreate with a birthday dinner of her choosing ( within reason of course). Happy birthday we love you bunches!!

Don’t even think about trying to touch my toy!!

Sweet Molly

Sorry I haven’t written anything in awhile but I needed to work myself up to it again. On November 6 we lost our beloved Miss Molly after a year of battling canine lupus and severe allergies. The day prior we had a very nice family day spent outside playing in the fall leaves and doing our normal stuff. She passed away during the night and we were not at all prepared for it( not that you can ever prepare for losing a furbaby). So we have all said our goodbyes and are moving ahead day by day. The tears are slowly turning into good memories and Miss Lilly is getting used to being the center of attention. Here are some favorite Molly photos to share and say goodbye. 

One of her favorite spots..

Run free angel Molly! 💕

Family photos…

So last week mom decided it was time to get our family photos done for the year. As usual nobody wanted to cooperate with this endeavor. However we did manage to get a few good photos during the process so we thought we would share some with you. Warning: the cuteness level of some of these photos is rather high so be prepared!! 

Miss Lilly strutting her stuff…

Miss Lilly photo bombing dad & brother..you can tell she is thrilled about sharing the camera with her little bro!!

Miss Molly decided to roll in the carefully placed leaf piles instead of being in the pictures…brother was able to persuade her to do one with him. (we think he had treats in his pocket)

Miss Lilly prancing away after yet another successful family photo shoot!! 

Hope you enjoyed these as much as we did!! 

Happy Howl-o-ween!

So yesterday was Halloween and mum made us get into costumes again this year. We had to take our people pup out for trick or treating so mum decided we should dress with a theme.(lucky us) since little bro really likes the Lion Guard from Disney she decided he should be Kion, the lion, we were other animals from the pride lands a leopard and a zebra. ( since big sis is so big mum had to make her costume) 

Here we are doing a quick perimeter check before heading out…looking good!

Once we finished our check we picked up little bro and headed out…we kept a close eye on him in case someone might panic at the sight of all these animals, plus he was carrying the treat bucket!!

We received lots of compliments on how good we looked and also filled our own treat bag!! 

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween too! 

Lilly’s Room

So our basset Miss Lilly decided early on when we first got her that the guest room was actually her room. She gets very upset whenever we rearrange or change anything about it, she was also very upset when we had to move it across the hall to the office when little brother came along! Recently we decided to get a new bed for in it that fits the space a little better. We wanted to get the room ready today as the new bed will be arriving tomorrow, needless to say someone was not happy or co-operative! 

No mum i’m not moving off my bed!

She was all snuggled in for her mid-morning nap and wasn’t budging! We eventually got her to move with some bacon bribes but she is one unhappy pup right now.

Exactly how many pieces of bacon are we talking for me to move?

Hopefully she will be happy when the new bed arrives and she can test it out!