New guy in town..

Oliver Lee

So, a few weeks ago this new little guy showed up at my house! I was not very impressed with the decision to bring him here but I was overruled. ( followed by comments like you’ll get used to him)

I’m not moving…

The little runt has taken up position directly in front of the food service area and refuses to move until fed. This also displeases me since this is actually my food service area! ( his is in the dining room!) However it has worked to my advantage occasionally by scoring us extra treats, mom is a sucker for two sad faces pups.

I’m just gonna nap here..

Whatever the case may be , I am told he is remaining permanently and I should try to be a good big sister. I have recently allowed him to play with me for a few brief moments, but I remain firm that he will not join me in my sleepy chair…that is off limits…no negotiation.

He’s not touching my chair.


7 thoughts on “New guy in town..

  1. I’m embarrassed to tell you how long it took me to figure out that the post was written in Miss Lilly’s voice. I was horrified when you started out being unimpressed with such a wonderful pupster. Then I finally caught on and I understand it’s never easy to adjust to another set of paws in the Queendom. Protip Lilly: set boundaries hard and fast; those little cuties take over everything when given a chance. With luck you’ll teach Oliver Lee how to be a good dog pillow for his senior sister.

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