Mom I may need a pottyboat…

I think I will at least need a life jacket if you expect me to go potty out there…#shouldhavelearnedhowtousethepeoplepotty


Miss Molly

Today would have been Miss Molly’s 8the birthday..we love and miss her a lot…she was a giant fluffy ball of love and sweetness! 


Look deep into my eyes…you are getting very sleepy…you want to give me extra want to give me extra belly rubs & steak….you want to….guess I better stop there or you’ll know something’s up! # bassethypnosis 


I may need another nap..

All the hustle and bustle this morning has left Miss Lilly feeling like she may need two afternoon naps…πŸ’€πŸ˜΄


Monday again ….

It’s Monday and it’s cold out…you can just deliver my biscuits to me here. #thisismygetwhatiwantface


Monday blues..

Not only is it Monday, it’s also raining β˜”οΈ think I’ll just lay right here until Tuesday.