Potty training?

So mum went to the store the other day to get some stuff to potty train the people pup. I was very surprised when she came home with this stuff which she placed in the bathroom inside the house! 

Why do people pups get to go potty inside and wear special “training pants” ? Why isn’t this an option for us? Especially when it is cold, snowy, rainy, etc.! I am going to have to think on this for awhile and make sure I let mum know how unfair this is. Do any other pups out there agree? 


Selfie practice

I stole mom’s phone this morning to practice my selfies…she said I was a ham I told her I was pretty sure I was a basset hound…silly moms!! 

Does this angle make my beauty mole look big? 

I guess I will practice again some other time when mom isn’t hovering close by to break my concentration!! 


Lazy weekend..

This Sunday I have decided to stay in my sleepy chair all day….except for potty breaks…you can deliver the snacks right here..and my drinks.



This is my happy morning face….


Nap perch

Yes mum my afternoon nap spot is quite comfy…I have put my sleep mask on so please leave me alone to 💤💤.


No pictures please…

Mom, why do you insist on taking my picture all the time? Can’t you see I need some sleep…no respect for my personal space…