Rainy days…

I don’t want to get up and go potty mom…it’s cold & rainy out. I’ll just stay in my sleepy chair until it’s done! 


Princess Lilly Pout

Mum I am too old enough to go on a walk by myself…I think this is puppy discrimination and I’m not going in until you apologize for telling me no.

Fall has fallen!!

Well fall is officially here and the girls have started helping with yard work already….they have really been giving it their all!!
No sis I said roll the other way!! 

I’m gonna go find my own leaf pile…little sis is getting annoying..


Princess Molly

Why yes mum as a matter of fact all princesses cross their paws when they lay down….


Lilly’s Room

So our basset Miss Lilly decided early on when we first got her that the guest room was actually her room. She gets very upset whenever we rearrange or change anything about it, she was also very upset when we had to move it across the hall to the office when little brother came along! Recently we decided to get a new bed for in it that fits the space a little better. We wanted to get the room ready today as the new bed will be arriving tomorrow, needless to say someone was not happy or co-operative! 

No mum i’m not moving off my bed!

She was all snuggled in for her mid-morning nap and wasn’t budging! We eventually got her to move with some bacon bribes but she is one unhappy pup right now.

Exactly how many pieces of bacon are we talking for me to move?

Hopefully she will be happy when the new bed arrives and she can test it out!