Pool Time


We had an extra fun & relaxing weekend. We finally got the girls pool out so they could splash around and play. Of course they also thought it made a really nice big drinking bowl!!

lilly jane

Miss Lilly also got to enjoy some deck time working on her puppy tan. Afterward we all enjoyed some barbecue and then a relaxing stroll around the neighborhood. Hope everyone else got to relax and enjoy the weather too!!

Weekend Help

The weather was gorgeous over the weekend and we decided to take advantage of it by getting a jump on our outdoor spring cleaning. You know fun things like mowing, weed eating, raking ,picking up the hundreds of little sticks that were laying all over and of course getting out the porch furniture. The girls were obviously very helpfully with all of this , especially picking up the sticks and putting them back down and throwing them and stealing them from our pile and of course chewing them.

Weekend help

I’ll take care of this one for you mom….

Weekend help

Just a few more minutes with this one …

Miss Molly was able to find some shade to take a quick breather before helping with the raking, by helping I mean rolling in the fresh cut grass and getting it all through her fur. This of course led to a good brushing after the raking, let’s just say it took awhile to get her grass free!

Weekend help

The girls remained diligent in their efforts even after the brushing and quick lunch break . They were able to do some digging in their favorite spots and romp around for awhile. Miss Lilly even decided to help set up the fire pit area by holding down the wood pile just in case.

Weekend help

I’ll just make sure this stays put…

So after a long couple days of helping around the house the girls were just plain pooped out!

We did have to eventually wake them up to eat dinner but it wasn’t long before they were sawing logs again! Does anybody else else get this kind of free weekend help around their house? We love our helpers and always make sure to keep plenty of fresh water out for them to drink, shady spots for resting and of course some healthy treats for extra motivation !!